Online Craps Casinos

Although casino craps has been around for years, casino craps game online is a relatively new development. It is difficult to find safe online craps casinos with all of the features a craps player depends on, so check out our recommended casinos. Online craps casinos are very similar to actual casinos. The biggest differences, apart from the obvious, are how the games operate and how players effectively work with their money.

Casino Banking

Let's take a look at the banking aspect. In a live casino, people take their money to the cashier who will provide chips. When the players are finished, this same cashier can turn the chips back into cash. When playing online casino craps, this process is very similar. However, instead of using cash, the money is transported to and from the online casino through electronic methods. Generally, this means players pay with a credit card, but there are other methods available. When it is time to cash out the winnings, the funds will usually be transmitted to the gambler's bank account, or a check may be mailed out.

The Games

Another element of playing online craps is the concept of a digital craps table with digital craps dice. When craps is played in a live casino, the players can see the dice rolling and so know that everything is fair. Online casinos, on the other hand, depend on computers to roll digital dice. This is why it is important to always play at a reputable online craps casino. To ensure online casino games mimic live games, random number generators--or RNGs--are used to achieve genuinely fair dice rolls. Although these are complicated computer programs, all of the casinos named on this website are strictly audited by third party consultants to ensure that players are not being cheated.